Organizations collaborate and conduct business over the internet
as a standard practice. This involves the exchange of data either systemically or manually. The data economy of today operates on the assumption that
humans can make sense of information and communication technologies.

Map your Key Data to Processes

The “truth” and the evidence of complex business transactions in the data economy can only be recorded via monitoring data activities as data is being touched, not after the fact by examining the log files and human interactions. 

Track your Key Data and Metadata

The new frontier is to track ML models, unstructured data as found in documents and/or as a result of user searches.  That data must be governed in the same way structured data is being governed.  

Probe Data Processing Events

Did a trusted business partner intentionally or not intentionally overwrite rates in a mortgage process or ignore credit limits when lending money? All of that detected as it is happening analogous to detection of cyber threats as attacks are happening.  Probing and recording real-time data processing activities is essential to establish the truth.

Fortify your Golden Sources

Organizational pressures from compliance needs and corporate governance will drive the need for Systems of Records to store metadata about relationships beyond the traditional lineage maps.