Automate tracking of critical data in business processes

Solutions from Gluetech take the guesswork out of how critical data travels
creating evidence for compliance, improving operational efficiencies
and enabling real-time insights

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The simple, light, intuitive path to data provenance
How are you dealing with increasingly rigid financial regulations and explosive data growth?

Control Your Data

Achieve full mastery over your data with a unified, flexible platform that puts everything in full view.

Get Real-Time Insights

Utilize the latest Data technology to find the opportunities hiding within your data and capitalize on them before your competition.

Achieve Compliance Automatically

Automate regulatory compliance with data tracking through a seamless, intuitive interface.

The Problem: Stricter regulations and unused
data are limiting marketing opportunities

More than $160 billion in fines, penalties, and settlements were issued for
non-compliance of regulation after the recession in the US.

The Solution: Data provenance and control

dataprobes from Gluetech provides tamper-proof evidence that all data assets are being
reliably tracked to their destination. And it delivers a provable roadmap tracing data back to its
original source within and across organizational boundaries.

The Result: Operational efficiency for easier compliance

dataprobes is your “golden source” repository for metadata, allowing you to achieve compliance
faster and easier through automation. You’ll free workers to concentrate on other tasks while
discovering insights within your data that open new opportunities.