When it comes to regulated data, the devil’s in the details.
Here are the features that make dataprobes from Gluetech the
ultimate data governance complement.

Control your metadata
  • Ingests any kind of metadata
  • Open architecture
  • Can ingest lineage from other tools plus other metadata like process data, DQ, and DC
Track your data
  • Automatic and configured as part of the end-to-end process
  • Tracking of data assets at the process level
  • Reconciliation with source is automatic
Improve end-to-end data transparency
  • Seamlessly combines metadata model with runtime
  • Achieves real-time event processing
  • Analyze patterns in real-time and prevent probable incidents via machine learning
Auto-generate compliance reports
  • Keeps history of events and processing results
  • Uses blockchain concepts to turn results into temper-proof evidence
  • Integrates with Business Intelligence tools to create compliance reports