About Us

Defining the right data strategy for the organization takes experts.
We have built the solutions that support your data strategy
in the new "Data Economy".

Our passion is data.  We are a team of business savvy technologists with decades of experience.  Our mission is to help the Chief Data Office drive their data strategy with defensive solutions to unleash the value of data for the organization.  Our values and principles are simple:

Social Responsibility

We believe in being socially responsible for a cause.  No matter what size company, we feel strongly about giving back at the start of our journey and weave in non-profit into our DNA as we grow.

Partnership and Excellence

We can’t do it on our own even though we believe that we have great ideas in our domain, which will drive innovation and customer value.  Strong partners make us stronger and we are proud to partner with the best.

Trust of Data in a Data Economy

Data is dynamic and travels across organizational boundaries.  With our solutions we track the correct use of critical data with your partners in the ecosystem so that it can be trusted.

Continuous Business Value

We believe in continuously provide business value through our solutions. Our philosophy is simple.  Start small with a proof point for the business.  Incrementally iterate based on learning and success. Think big driving a strategy.

Monetizing Data

Data is a most valuable asset for any organization.  Measuring the quality of critical data and deriving its value will provide the basis of strategic decision making for the business.

Pragmatic Innovation

When it comes to innovation we believe in “leading edge” not “bleeding edge”.  Lead with advanced technology to innovate and drive business value, not fail with technology that is unproven to the market.